CORTISOL – what is it ?? Why do we need to manage it ??

Cortisol is a hormone we all have. It is connected to our Stress Response. Like Adrenalin it is released during stress. I want to emphasize Cortisols are NORMAL and serve a purpose. But like everything else they need to be managed. We want to be able to keep levels as normal as extremes are not good.

Chronic stress, in general, is damaging and Cortisols released are part of why you may be more challenged when feeling stressed.

High Cortisols
– Counteract Insulin (Diabetes) – Reduces bone formation and collagen (Osteoperosis and wrinkles)
– Increases healing time
– Diuretic (bladder control and hydration)
– Inhibits Sodium Loss (water retention)
– Stimulates Gastric Acid Secretion (heartburn, digestion issues)
– Inhibits Memory Retrieval
– Effect sleep/week cycle (depression, insomnia)

Low Cortisol
– Fatigue
– Headaches
– Muscle Weakness
– Jitters
– Anxiety

MANAGEMENT: Balancing – ideas include Increasing Magnesium levels, Omega 3’ and , Oshwaganda. Try Music, Massage, Dancing and Exercise, Meditation. Stress Management techniques which are highly personal.

We are so busy we often don’t even know how anxious we are. We need to build in management regardless of the feeling of being stressed. It will improve Quality of Life to manage your Cortisols ✌.