Choices and Repurcussions

Ok, have you ever really thought about the impact of choices and decisions you make. On your life. The domino effect, so to speak.
We can choose to look at a circumstance as a victim OR something we chose – even if it is only by 2%. This clearly impacts our life experience.
If we choose to NOT be a victim we will be freed up to own our reaction. This, in turn, free’s us up to CHANGE our reaction which then, in turn, free’s us up to alter the personal impact of the said circumstance. Being a victim only contributes to feelings of powerlessness which can be debilitating and seriously contribute to depression. We cannot, at this time in history, afford to be debilitated for even a moment.
Choose to find humour whenever you can and it’s appropriate. When it’s not appropriate choose to focus on the lessons learned and use these ‘lessons’ to choose to live a better life. Sometimes vicarious lessons are on our cards.
So lets take charge. We are NOT victim to products available and corporations which produce them with chemical and ingredients designed to increase corporate profits. Choose to spend your hard earned $’s on your health! Choose to live by your lessons …..