Emotions and Feelings

I want to talk about Quality of Life and EMOTIONS!
Life = Feelings (Good or Bad) …..
Emotions are instrumental to our Quality of Life on so many levels! Our Quality of Life is tied into our ability to manage all the emotions That we feel every single day. It means we are ALIVE!
Managing our emotions and feelings are a whole other challenge. Our ability to manage feelings will bring out the best or our worst …..
Many people are NOT taught ways to manage their feelings for a whole bunch of reasons – societal expectations, gender, DNA, family history, family expectations, etc. (No judgement).
Here are a few idea’s to start the process of learning to manage feelings:
1. Acknowledge Feelings – we are often taught to suppress feelings. Suppression will inevitably lead to stress and anxiety and, sometimes over reactions. In addition, we cannot create feelings. We are also taught we ‘should’ be feeling something when feelings are not standardized and generalized – they are intensely unique to our life. By acknowledging and admitting to our emotion we are allowing ourself to move on to the next step.

2. Own it – we have 100% ownership of our feelings. They are not CREATED by someone else. NFor example no-one makes us angry. They may behave in a way that triggers a feeling of anger but we are in control of the behaviours that trigger us. Now, this may seem like a foreign concept but really think about it. The bottom line is we OWN our emotion and, logically, own our behaviours associated with these emotions.

3. Empathize (not judge) around feelings of yourself and others. In other words NEVER judge yourself or others. This free’s you from the need to be ‘right’ and allows you to look outside the box. It also prevents you from becoming immobilized when self judgement is overwhelming. It’s OK to feel …. always. It is what we do with the feeling that cause a consequence, good or bad …..

4. Behaviour is always a CHOICE – How you respond to feelings in yourself and others will filter down to your behaviour or, ultimately, what you DO. This is what causes problems in our life. So … give yourself permission to LEARN from what you do. Did it work? How can I handle it differently next time? Did behaviour improve a situation or make it worse? This, again, is our choice!
No matter what steps you take to manage your emotions, if you DON’T do anything you will experience consequences. Typically to HEALTH! If emotions are not managed it will lead to STRESS. Stress leads (and naturally so) to INFLAMMATION through too much fight/flight hormone (Cortisol, Adrenaline, etc.).
Inflammation, in the long term, decreases your ability to be healthy and empowered (feeling like you have control in your life) – to roll with the punches so to speak. Chronic Inflammation will wear your body out – this is associated with most disease in our modern society.
Managing EMOTIONS and FEELINGS is one of the first steps to lowering inflammation.