Body Care and Chemicals

Everything in our world is chemical in nature. What I am speaking about is the intentional break down of mother natures concoctions (which our bodies are typically designed – at least most of us – to cope with) then taking these bits and pieces, and remixing them to produce a desired effect. It’s the remixes that, in some ways have altered our world for good and bad, it seems. Sometimes these remixes are good as in the case of many medications. Some of these remixes may cause problems because, for some of us, our bodies do not seem to be able to tolerate them. It appears that sometimes the desired effect, over the long term, is not so good.

There is compelling, valid research strongly linking the chemicals in the world we live in and the explosion of autoimmune disorders everywhere. Not only do the chemicals come in through our food but also through the pores of our skin. This would include soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, creams, make-up, deodorant, perfumes, body sprays, laundry products, cleaners, etc.

Keep in mind that while there is a huge focus (and so there should be) on our food, our stomach does have a basic filter (as long as we don’t stress it out too much) – our LIVER. What we put on our skin goes directly into our body via our pores then into our bloodstream. Our skin – which is our largest organ – has NO FILTER. All the poisons and chemicals go directly into our body. This is why, through PURE Wisdom ‘4’ Life, PURE Body Care, we began with our skin care habits.

It sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? I can tell you that there are many simple cost-effective ways to produce and use all of these necessary self care items WITHOUT chemical additives. Many of the ingredients come straight from your kitchen and most WORK BETTER than commercial products.

I have struggled looking for commercial products that are non chemical – many are called ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. What I have found is that some producers of these ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products charge large amounts of money for the privilege of claiming (and we all believe of course) their products are ‘healthy’ but they may not be without chemical additives. On the Internet there are many sites which provide recipes. They are usually quick, inexpensive recipe’s and work better than the pre-packaged, chemical infused marketed products. I have developed my own, adjusting other recipes to improve quality and composition – as I see fit.

A cautionary note, however, is that these home made products may not have properties you are accustomed to. For instance they may not have the same texture (creamy vs powdery), they may be heat sensitive (they may soften/liquify when warm or solidify when cooled), they may separate and need to be shaken, stirred or refrigerated, and they always need to be monitored for integrity – they may not last as long without preservatives.

The word ‘easy’ comes into play, along with ‘time management’. It is not always ‘easy’ to pay attention to the warmth or coolness of your products. It is not always easy to pay attention to expiry dates. It may not be what you have come to expect. It may take a bit more time to walk to the fridge, if necessary. It does take time to make your own products from scratch – this may not be either convenient or a priority. However, is it worth the time and effort? For PURE Body Care the answer is a BIG, RESOUNDING YES!!

PURE Body Care has done the research and production. It is not 100% ‘easy’ but it works better AND it is more cost effective than purchasing commercial chemical concoctions. The commercial market IS catching on, though, and there are more choices available. Check out our Products. Go PURE!