Old Fashioned Shave Soap

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Shave Soap in a Tin

(100g for $10)


Shave Soap Replacement Puck

(95g for $8)

PURE Wisdom ‘4’ Life has, by popular request, researched and created our own all natural old-fashioned shave soap. For those of you who prefer to use soap rather store bought shave cream we have researched and developed the goats milk shaving soap which is healthy and nourishing for your skin. And most importantly this shave soap provides a close, smooth shave. In addition we have received feedback that this soap will actually prolong the life of your razor. Like all our other products, this shave soap lasts a very very long time . If you need a brush, we have a brush. We have made two sizes and a replacement puck. Scented in a variety of essential oils (lavender, pine or lime to start) we have added menthol to provide smooth, cooling, shaving experience.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Goats Milk, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Bentonite Clay, Menthol, Essential Oil