Disclaimers and Qualifiers

We need to do some legal/policy things now.

1. Shipping and Handling
We have a standard shipping and handling rate added into the Shopping ‘Cart’ when you place your order. PURE is committed to keeping costs real and will contact you after your order is placed to coordinate details. If there is a difference between ‘Standard’ Shipping and Handling rates charged and the actual amount charged by Canada Post (with the addition of $2 for packaging costs), PURE will do one of three things, depending on the option you choose:
1. Refund you the difference
2. Apply a credit to your next order, or
3. Apply a loyal customer discount of 10% to your next order.

It is our POLICY to keep costs regarding shipping and handling at a rate consistent with what we pay.
Thank you for your patience.

2. Allergies and Sensitivities: Although allergies are rare PURE recommends a small skin patch test prior to use of our product – or any product. If, after 24 hours there is no reaction then proceed general use of the product. After using the product, if a reaction occurs, stop using the product IMMEDIATELY. Please contact us to communicate any reaction. We strive to maintain high standards and need customers to communicate so we are aware of issues. At times, we have allergies we are not aware of. There can be a reaction to ANY one of the ingredients listed. At times, there may be a reaction depending on the p.h. level of your skin (acidity). This may or may not be tied into food you have ingested. This is something to be aware of for any product you use from any manufacturer. By using our product you are agreeing that PURE is NOT responsible for any problems you may experience.

3. We do not recommend ingesting any of our products. Or putting any of our products close to area’s where they could be pulled into the body in a way not intended i.e. close to they eyes, etc. If you do, often because ingredients can be found in your kitchen, you are responsible for any potential problems.

4. We do NOT making any health related claims. All interactions are based on current research and commonly understood benefits.