Emotions and Feelings

I want to talk about Quality of Life and EMOTIONS!
Life = Feelings (Good or Bad) …..
Emotions are instrumental to our Quality of Life on so many levels! Our Quality of Life is tied into our ability to manage all the emotions That we feel every single day. It means we are ALIVE!
Managing our emotions and feelings are a whole other challenge. Our ability to manage feelings will bring out the best or our worst …..
Many people are NOT taught ways to manage their feelings for a whole bunch of reasons – societal expectations, gender, DNA, family history, family expectations, etc. (No judgement).
Here are a few idea’s to start the process of learning to manage feelings:
1. Acknowledge Feelings – we are often taught to suppress feelings. Suppression will inevitably lead to stress and anxiety and, sometimes over reactions. In addition, we cannot create feelings. We are also taught we ‘should’ be feeling something when feelings are not standardized and generalized – they are intensely unique to our life. By acknowledging and admitting to our emotion we are allowing ourself to move on to the next step.

2. Own it – we have 100% ownership of our feelings. They are not CREATED by someone else. NFor example no-one makes us angry. They may behave in a way that triggers a feeling of anger but we are in control of the behaviours that trigger us. Now, this may seem like a foreign concept but really think about it. The bottom line is we OWN our emotion and, logically, own our behaviours associated with these emotions.

3. Empathize (not judge) around feelings of yourself and others. In other words NEVER judge yourself or others. This free’s you from the need to be ‘right’ and allows you to look outside the box. It also prevents you from becoming immobilized when self judgement is overwhelming. It’s OK to feel …. always. It is what we do with the feeling that cause a consequence, good or bad …..

4. Behaviour is always a CHOICE – How you respond to feelings in yourself and others will filter down to your behaviour or, ultimately, what you DO. This is what causes problems in our life. So … give yourself permission to LEARN from what you do. Did it work? How can I handle it differently next time? Did behaviour improve a situation or make it worse? This, again, is our choice!
No matter what steps you take to manage your emotions, if you DON’T do anything you will experience consequences. Typically to HEALTH! If emotions are not managed it will lead to STRESS. Stress leads (and naturally so) to INFLAMMATION through too much fight/flight hormone (Cortisol, Adrenaline, etc.).
Inflammation, in the long term, decreases your ability to be healthy and empowered (feeling like you have control in your life) – to roll with the punches so to speak. Chronic Inflammation will wear your body out – this is associated with most disease in our modern society.
Managing EMOTIONS and FEELINGS is one of the first steps to lowering inflammation.

Home Cleaning

I want to talk about keeping our home clean.

We all want to keep our Home clean and tidy for ourselves our families our children and our pets. There are many commercials from television and advertisements in stores which will help us to do this .

Cleaning products are as critical to our health is what we eat and what we put on our skin. They are critical in terms of both their effectiveness (do they work?) and their ability to absorb into our skin and our lungs through breathing.

There are many products to choose from and each seem to do a different job implying you need to purchase multiple products to do multiple jobs.

I can tell you based on my experiences and my knowledge that vinegar, baking soda, and a scrub brush are all that you really need to provide an incredibly high level of cleanliness in your home. 2 products to meet all your cleaning needs.

Vinegar is multi-purpose. Vinegar also eliminates 99.9% of germs …. Imagine that. It cleans glass and windows. It is an effective degreaser. It is also a softener and conditioner – it can be used as a fabric softener in your laundry and it can be rinsed through your hair and used as a clarifier and conditioner. If the scent bothers you then add some essential oils or try soaking citrus peels in the vinegar prior to use. These are only a few the possible uses of vinegar.

Baking soda is another common household product that can be used to clean more effectively than many available household cleaners. It is abrasive so it can be used to scrub stains, watermarks or any other substance you want to remove. Baking soda will also whiten and if left open, will absorb all manner of odours.

With both vinegar and baking soda a scrub brush is a tool that will increase the effectiveness.

For those of us who have raised children it is always a concern when a child is putting everything into their mouths. It is good to know the both vinegar and baking soda are edible and are not toxic. In addition, our pets are critically affected by chemical-based cleaning products on so many levels. With vinegar and baking soda your home will be safe.

So try this out. Step outside of the box. Not only will it help your health but it will work better than anything you can purchase . And speaking about purchasing items using vinegar and baking soda will save you a lot of money – you can clean your house for pennies and stay healthy too!

If you enjoyed my writing and the information and idea’s AND you have a topic in mind, send me your request and I will try and include this in a future newsletter or on my website. In addition, if you have idea’s you would like to share please comment on my website!

Marketing of the products we have taken for granted …..

This is a MUST TEACH on my list of parenting responsibilities.

Sadly, it did not even occur to me that I should be questioning the ads and commercials I was seeing on the television or hearing on the radio or reading in the newspapers or magazines. We are a trusting lot, here in Canada, and not only believe that what we see is truthful but that it is not designed to manipulate us. It just is!

Beware of highly skilled marketing techniques. When you watch a television commercial or hear an ad or look at an advertisement, do not just think you are hearing/seeing reality. Company’s making products bring on skilled individuals, with degree’s who research needs and vulnerabilities of certain pockets of individuals (i.e. young mom’s, seniors, middle aged men, sports enthusiasts, etc.) to introduce their product (this is called branding) but, most potently, encourage purchase of their product by encouraging you to believe that their product does certain things (i.e. if you buy this you will look younger, thinner, be more appealing, your kids will be healthier, be happier, smarter, more fit, etc.) and solve your problems. They will even go so far as to imply that if you don’t follow their lead you are ‘less than’ in whatever hat you are wearing at any given point in time.

I know, I’ve needed to prioritize my branding as well …. to think about my ‘target’ market, my potential customer base. I’ve had to make some tough choices but I am prioritizing integrity. When a potential ‘store’ makes a comment that they don’t care about product effectiveness – just the use of pretty packaging because people pay for this pretty packaging. Think about this ….. we, as consumers, have sustained this value. Hmmmmm? Now that I am aware of this ALL of my decisions center around NOT sustaining this value. And, despite understanding that the bottom line will be impacted I will NOT have my product name associated with this value.

Then ….. look at how a company prioritizes their $’s. How much does it cost for the ads, the actors/celebrities promoting the products. Then think about the decision making behind these priorities. Does it mean the companies are prioritizing the ‘healthiness’ of their products? Does it mean the companies are even caring about the CLEAR research behind the ingredients they put in their products and the dangers of these ingredients? There is no question it costs to prioritize health.

But, in my opinion, it is short term pain for long term gain on so many levels – the top of the list is ethics.

Be a critical thinker. It’s a challenge to NOT be susceptible. The most important thing is to be aware and discerning. In other words don’t just BELIEVE what you see/hear – check it out. Make informed decisions about where you put your hard earned money! EVERY dollar you spend does a job! But most importantly what you put either on your body or in your body. Once you are aware it is impossible to become unaware, lol.

It could mean the difference between experiencing quality of life as you proceed with your personal life adventure …. or not.

Body Care and Chemicals

Everything in our world is chemical in nature. What I am speaking about is the intentional break down of mother natures concoctions (which our bodies are typically designed – at least most of us – to cope with) then taking these bits and pieces, and remixing them to produce a desired effect. It’s the remixes that, in some ways have altered our world for good and bad, it seems. Sometimes these remixes are good as in the case of many medications. Some of these remixes may cause problems because, for some of us, our bodies do not seem to be able to tolerate them. It appears that sometimes the desired effect, over the long term, is not so good.

There is compelling, valid research strongly linking the chemicals in the world we live in and the explosion of autoimmune disorders everywhere. Not only do the chemicals come in through our food but also through the pores of our skin. This would include soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, creams, make-up, deodorant, perfumes, body sprays, laundry products, cleaners, etc.

Keep in mind that while there is a huge focus (and so there should be) on our food, our stomach does have a basic filter (as long as we don’t stress it out too much) – our LIVER. What we put on our skin goes directly into our body via our pores then into our bloodstream. Our skin – which is our largest organ – has NO FILTER. All the poisons and chemicals go directly into our body. This is why, through PURE Wisdom ‘4’ Life, PURE Body Care, we began with our skin care habits.

It sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? I can tell you that there are many simple cost-effective ways to produce and use all of these necessary self care items WITHOUT chemical additives. Many of the ingredients come straight from your kitchen and most WORK BETTER than commercial products.

I have struggled looking for commercial products that are non chemical – many are called ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. What I have found is that some producers of these ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products charge large amounts of money for the privilege of claiming (and we all believe of course) their products are ‘healthy’ but they may not be without chemical additives. On the Internet there are many sites which provide recipes. They are usually quick, inexpensive recipe’s and work better than the pre-packaged, chemical infused marketed products. I have developed my own, adjusting other recipes to improve quality and composition – as I see fit.

A cautionary note, however, is that these home made products may not have properties you are accustomed to. For instance they may not have the same texture (creamy vs powdery), they may be heat sensitive (they may soften/liquify when warm or solidify when cooled), they may separate and need to be shaken, stirred or refrigerated, and they always need to be monitored for integrity – they may not last as long without preservatives.

The word ‘easy’ comes into play, along with ‘time management’. It is not always ‘easy’ to pay attention to the warmth or coolness of your products. It is not always easy to pay attention to expiry dates. It may not be what you have come to expect. It may take a bit more time to walk to the fridge, if necessary. It does take time to make your own products from scratch – this may not be either convenient or a priority. However, is it worth the time and effort? For PURE Body Care the answer is a BIG, RESOUNDING YES!!

PURE Body Care has done the research and production. It is not 100% ‘easy’ but it works better AND it is more cost effective than purchasing commercial chemical concoctions. The commercial market IS catching on, though, and there are more choices available. Check out our Products. Go PURE!