Anti Itch

Our Anti Itch formula consists of a blend of essential oils and oils known to intensely moisturize (combatting dry skin), prevent infiltrating bacteria (combatting bacteria on the skin and bacteria entering the body if you break skin by scratching) and supporting nerve management through a topical analgesic. In other words this blend is known to numb the nerves at the site of irritation, and possibly prevent infection as well as possibly addressing skin conditions which are affected by topical bacteria.


Anti Itch Lotion Bar

     Lotion Bar

This blend is added to our Lotion Bar stick. This bar has the added advantage of beeswax which is a natural barrier to water and contains propolis, a bee product known for many benefits.

(60ml for $15)


This blend is added to our Balm formula, very moisturizing and smooth to apply.

(250ml for $20)


       Mini Stick

The blend is added to our lip balm formula, conveniently portable in a lip balm container. Great for small area’s of irritation.

(6ml for $5)