Who We Are


Have you ever wondered how to help your self and all your loves find and maintain Quality of Life despite prevalent auto-immune disorders?

I (Lisa) was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 and I was DETERMINED to defy the odds in any way possible so I started changing my body care. MS is only one of many Auto-Immune Diseases.

After intensive research I discovered that the link between chemicals in things we use every day is strongly linked to many health issues and auto-immune disorders. I made a decision to reduce chemical use. Hence the development of these products.

Bob (my husband) became very aware along with me and also began building the vision of PURE.

Generally, It has been suggested that my ‘stubborn-ness’ and my reduction in chemical use has, potentially, altered the course of my disease! We are both seeing, and experiencing, awesome changes in our personal quality of life.

 Our products are more effective than ANYTHING we have chosen to spend our $’s on. In addition our products reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT!  Everything we make is environmentally friendly and neutral.

This has all further motivated us to share our knowledge – we feel compelled to ‘save the world’ and support others to decrease their risks around auto-immune disorders (or their family, or their friends …) AND support affordability of these products. You don’t need to be wealthy to be healthy.

The bottom line is that there IS A WAY, It WORKS and it’s AFFORDABLE!